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12 Things Only Acne Prone Girls Will Understand

Acne is common among girls of every age. Many of us are struggling with acne and have hard time, you get advice from EVERYONE….even those who never had a pimple in their life! This can lead to frustration and irritations. Here are a few things, every girl with acne actually feels.

  • Avoid getting social when you’re having a bad breakout

These bloody pimples make you feel so embarrassed that you avoid being with people. And you be like …

  • Acne breakoutTrying to change your diet to get clear skin

Uuhh… you love eating junk. But just to clean up the mess on your face …. vegetarian, fruitarian, gluten free, dairy free…tried them all! And the option left with is….

  • Changing diet effect‘Magical’ ad  LIARS!

Trusting on Big BRANDs, making false promises to make your skin spotless with their “chemical based top-ups” in such a ‘misery’ is the biggest mistake one can do. And then, you feel like….

  • Upset with liarsWhen boyfriend sees you and says… Baby. You’ve got one again!

It just kills you and every other girl with acne.. But you keep on saying.. NO NO NOOOO!!!!!

  • More pimplesAvoiding taking selfies and pictures.. It feels like the camera adds 20 more zits!

No Comments please!


  • ‘Pimple Face’! That’s what your friends name you.

At this time, it feels like your friends are your biggest enemies.. You just hate them!



  • You’ve collected enough dermal products and now you can open a spa.

“I’ve spent all my money in buying… And now I’m planning to recover my expenses.. ” lol


  • You want to punch those who say, ‘Oh! They’re breaking out.’

“I know Damn it! What is the need to tell me? I’ll punch you”! – your inner voice shouts.


  • People keep on giving suggestions as if you never knew about them.

They’ll eat up your head when they keep on gabbling in you ears. You get annoyed and it makes you feel like ….

Angry Girl

  • When a product doesn’t work well with your acne.

It proves the World is Fake. They’re just….


  • You apply a lot of make-up to hide, still it is visible.

Only God can save you then!

Help Lord

  • When people tell you to eat less chocolate and you want to say, “Go to Hell!”

No matter, whatever they say. Even if chocolate makes my skin a little bit worse, I’m not at all giving it up.


If you do agree with these, feel free to add to this list.  Share your experiences and pain. We’re all in this after all!

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