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Body Massage – Natural Remedy for Healthy Body and Skin

After an exhausted week, your body seeks nothing else than a full body massage, which relieves you from stress and provide total relaxation. Isn’t it!

In the medicinal world, you will get a number of ways to get rid of stress and pain. But, most of them are temporary, i.e. they don’t work for long. On the contrary, body massage is an ancient art, renowned for its knack to relieve muscle tension and offer a soothing experience. Well, you believe it or not, body massage is useful to you in several ways. Not only it helps you to escape from the stressful environment, but it also provides the essential elements to your body. And, it is best done with warm oil.

Yes, massage with large amount of oil, also referred to Abhyanga (an Ayurvedic treatment), is the best way to heal your body and nourish the human skin. It is slightly different from western methods and proficient enough to make your body healthy and fit.

Before you hop on to the procedure for the massage, have a look at few major benefits of body massage. Check why you should opt for the massage.

What are the benefits of body massage?

It would hardly take an hour to complete the massage process, but the benefits it offers, make it indispensable. Have a look:

  • Body Relief: It relieves from painful muscles, nerves and joints in the body.Body Massage
  • Beats PMS: A massage is a perfect solution to banish the mood swings, bloating, headaches, and several other PMS symptoms. Someway or the other, these symptoms leads to severe skin conditions like acne, wrinkles and much more. Thus, body massage proves to be a great remedy to get rid of wrinkles naturally.
  • Natural Anti-aging: Regular gentle rubbing and kneading stimulates the blood flow, which keeps your face looking healthy and radiant. It is a natural anti-ageing method, which when used for plump slack skin, adds vitality to the dull complexion and make it look young!

How to Massage Your Body?

Before you start with the process, the biggest question arises, which oil should be used?

The answer to the above question depends greatly on the season and the individual’s body condition. A number of oil types are available, which heals your body in one or the other. It can be sesame, sunflower, coconut, amla, almond or any other oil. And, if you are looking for overall benefits or you find it hard to decide over the oil type, you can count on the queen of herbs, i.e. tulsi oil. Here is the process to start:

  • Take a bowl full of your favourite oil (tulsi or any other) and if possible, make it little warm. Also, make sure that you close all the windows and the doors, this will keep you and oil away from dust and cold wind.
  • Before you begin, divide your entire body into 6 parts, i.e.:
  1. Chest
  2. Stomach
  3. Back
  4. Arms
  5. Legs and Feet
  6. Face and neck
    Body Massage
  • Start massaging from legs and arms. With long single upward strokes, more towards the centre of your body or towards your heart.
  • For your chest, use circular motions. Head towards your back, following similar circular motions. If you find it difficult to cover your back, you can ask someone to assist you.
  • With oil in your palms, massage your feet. It will really make you relax.
  • Now it’s turn to switch; massage your face and neck. You need to use both your palms and fingertips. Exert little pressure on face and neck to relax your muscles.
  • Well, when you are done with all parts, wait for half an hour or longer, before you go for a shower. It is advisable if you take a sauna bath, as it help your body to absorb the oil completely.
  • You can use a mild soap to wash off the oil later.

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