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Avoid These Food Items! If You Are Suffering From Acne.

Where does this acne come on your skin from? It is because of the excessive oil production that blocks hair follicles and results into clogging of pores.

But where is the oil coming from? Despite the genital factors or the reason that you have an oily skin what else can cause on over oil production in your skin? It’s definitely the food you intake determine the quality of your skin.

Find out which among the following food is the reason for your acne.


Milk has been found to cause acne and various skin problems. The reason is Milk is rich in a hormone called IGF-1 which results in acne. IGF-1 causes inflammation in the body, resulting into acne. Consumption of milk and milk products in excess can be a cause of your acne.


Dairy products cause production of sebum oil that result in clogging of pores and acne.

Peppery Food:

Who doesn’t love to have food glutted with peppers and spices? But the next morning when you wake up you find those pimples coming up and then you curse those peppers you ate last night.

Peppery Food

Intake of too much spice leads to an inflammatory reaction resulting in temperature increase. This causes your body to sweat badly and this result into oily secretions from the skin which can so easily trap the dirt and lead to acne.

Peanut Butter:

The enticing peanut butter that sounds so healthy for your body. But it has been found as the big reason for acne.The peanut butter has androgen which results into increased sebum production. Even if you take two tablespoons of peanut butter you give space for 16 gram of fat in your body. It contains 31 % polyunsaturated fat which is not so good to consume.

Peanut Butter

So, intake of Excess of omega-6 fats can always become a reason to trigger acne as they cause inflammation in the body leading to acne.


Eating too much of pizzas can become a reason for acne at some point of time. Pizza is an oily food rich in carbohydrate and this adds up to high insulin levels in the blood. High insulin level upset the normal hormonal function and causes an imbalance.


So, especially with people who develop acne easily and have an oily skin should stay away from pizza.

It may seem that you have to leave all your favorite cuisine to avoid acne. But the heaven hasn’t yet fallen. There are some appetizing foods you can enjoy and still stay away from acne.To know how, you can read amazing facts @ Say ‘Yes’ to These Food Items to Prevent Acne !


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