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Acne in teenagers
Acne is so common in teenagers that it is considered as part of Puberty. The primary cause of acne i
Wash your face gently
Not necessarily! Acne is triggered due to fluctuating hormones. Washing your face regularly helps to
Not all types of make-up affect acne, so you need not to stop wearing makeup altogether. You should
Clear 60 Giveaway Winners
The world of beauty products is subjected to change now and then. It is really difficult to keep up
Apply Honey Mask
Try these simple and natural remedies at home to get rid of your acne. Apply honey mask once or
Rooibos Tea
Great news for the tea lovers-Pick tea and stay beautiful! Whether you sip it on a sick day or dr
Benefits of natural skin care products
Do you know, about 60% of products that we apply on our skin is absorbed by our bloodstream? http://
Facial Scrub
Being young and beautiful is the dream of every woman. But, the truth is far away! You know that loo
What is your Skin Tone
Our skin tone is the color of our skin and it depends on the amount and type of melanin present in o
Eat fruits for natural sugars
To keep your skin healthy, young and soft, you invest a reasonable amount in purchasing those expens