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Facebook Giveaway By Clear 60- A Thanks To The Customers!

The world of beauty products is subjected to change now and then. It is really difficult to keep up with the pace of customer’s choice. But, ‘Clear 60’ has stood par excellence with their dedication to serve with the most effective and efficient beauty solutions. And, not to forget, our customers’ faith in our every new and old product made us stand apart from the crowd.


Well, we value our customers the most and it was time to make them realize the same. What else could be better than treating them special, gifting them with exceptional giveaways! Free gifts are loved by everyone. But, for the givers it is a pleasant feeling if it is presented to the special people. For ‘Clear 60’, these special persons were none other than their adored customers. Yes, these customers have been a special part of our success journey. Their choices, appreciations, valuable reviews, suggestions and feedback, made us cross all the hurdles and bring forth the best quality products.

The process was kept as simple as possible. Moreover, it was aimed to spread awareness regarding natural skincare routines. Thus, we opted for social media to form a stronger bond with our patrons. It was our first giveaway on Facebook and the participants were asked to:
 LIKE our page.
 SHARE our page on their Timeline (with the setting as PUBLIC).
 Post their valuable REVIEW on the page with ratings.
 TAG their friends, making them aware of the special Giveaway.

The response was beyond expectation and it was an overwhelming experience to get so much love from our clients. A ‘big thanks’ to all who participated.

Clear 60 Giveaway Winners

So, finally it was the judgment time and it was very difficult to choose. From the list of participants, we concluded with four names, including Jan Dale, Rebecca Norrie, Ilona Bronson and Darlene Cross. But, the winner could be one. So, the one to get lucky enough to grab the free gift by Clear 60 was Rebecca Norrie.

Giveaway Winner

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