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Got Acne? Your Acne Could Be Related to Some Health Problems

If you have an acne-prone skin and all your cosmetics have failed to keep it off your skin then it’s advisable to check what food you intake. May be you are eating too much of fried stuff that is affecting your digestive system and resulting into acne at your forehead.

The following image can give you a clear idea about the various acne positions that is linked to different health issues.

Acne Problem

Acne at the Forehead (Blue Region):

Improper digestive system!

This region depicts the digestive system and bladder and getting acne here clearly indicates problems with these regions of the body. To avoid getting acne at your forehead don’t eat processed foods and make sure you intake good amount of water. A good digestive system will never lead to acne and ensure a balanced skin type.

Acne at Forehead

Acne in Between the Eyebrows (Rosy Pink Region):

Get your Liver Detoxified!

Acne at eyebrows is a result of liver problems. The sure short way eliminating acne from this region is by completely cutting off your alcohol consumption. Include lighter foods in your diet as compared to dairy products.

Acne Between Eyebrows

Acne Around Eyes (Parrot Green Region):

Something’s Wrong With your Kidneys!

This area depicts your kidneys and if you consume too much of caffeine and soda drinks then you are likely to get acne at this region. So, the best way is to stay away from sugary drinks and hydrate your body with good H2O rich drinks.

Acne Around Eyes

Acne on the Nose (Snowy White Region):

You are Being Harsh with your Heart!

If you get acne at your nose then it’s a clear indication of high blood pressure or may be high cholesterol. Do not eat an excess of red meat. Include Omega 3 in your diet which is rich in fish and avocado. You may have to frequently get your nose scrubbed due to excess oil that can even lead to blackheads.

Acne on the Nose

Acne on The Cheeks ( Purple Region):

Respiratory System not Good!

If you are a smoker then certainly you may be having acne frequently on your cheeks. Try to maintain a neutral temperature of your body by avoiding the excess of spices and veggies in your daily diet. Also, make sure you use clean handkerchiefs, change pillow covers and wash towels on a regular basis.

Acne on The Cheeks

Acne on the Outside Corner of Mouth (Peacock Green Region):

Imbalanced Hormones!

Now this is something beyond anyone’s control. You can’t actually figure out what can imbalance your hormones. But somehow try to get a balanced diet and keep the skin clean. Also, you can work out along with a balanced diet to maintain stability in your hormone system.

Acne on the Outside Corner of Mouth

Acne on The Chin (Yellow Region):

Stomach Needs Attention!

The chin region is related to stomach and getting acne at the chin region clearly indicates your stomach requires detoxification. Include more fiber in your diet and drink lots of water. This will certainly help to avoid acne on the chin.

Acne on The Chin

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