How Safe Are Your Beauty Products

We live in a society where beauty is emphasized, and aesthetics are everything. From serums to toners, tightening creams to chemical peels, we’re all guilty of lathering it on in hopes of hiding our imperfections.

Here’s the irony: the beauty products you use to evade the aging process is actually working against your cause. That’s because many standard cosmetics are loaded with toxic chemicals that not only damage your skin’s sensitive layers, but also raise alarming health concerns.

The fact is, our skin absorbs nearly 60 percent of whatever we put on it – including the synthetics often found in beauty products. Many of these additives penetrate the skin to cause irritation, disrupt the endocrine system, and result in carcinogenic tumors or lesions.

Some purported health risks linked with chemical ingredients?

These side effects really put a dangerous spin on the motto, “beauty is pain.” Well, not anymore. It’s time you hopped off the artificial merry-go-round, and pampered your skin with something pure.

Our fine line of skincare products are manufactured using simple, natural and organice ingredients. Nothing more, nothing less. And animal testing? Absolutely not. We’re a cruelty-free, compassionate bunch who advocate the power of green, and the potency of pure elements.

Keeping it natural is what we’re all about

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