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Natural Remedies to Treat Skin Allergies

Allergy may be in the form of itching, burns, blisters, boils or even some swelling on the skin.

This may be because of the sensitivity of the skin to changes in environment, intake of junk food or may be due to certain fragrance.

Causes of Skin Allergies: 

There are several reasons of skin allergies and sometimes it is even difficult to find the root cause of allergy. Allergy develops when skin is exposed to outside invader which the immune system is not able to fight back.

Skin Allergies Causes

Immune system produces antibodies to fight the invaders. These antibodies produce chemicals or mediators which can result into skin allergy.

Following can be some of the reasons for the allergy:- 

  • Cosmetics: Use of dyes, perfumes, and make up stuff and even sunscreens can lead to skin allergies.
  • Environmental factors: High pollution levels, climatic changes including excess of heat or cold temperature can also lead to skin allergies.
  • Dietary factors: Intake of oily food, junk food, processed food can result in skin allergies.
  • Jewelry: Metallic jewelry made up of gold and nickel is also one reason of allergy.
  • Medical products: Many medicines contain formaldehyde which can cause skin allergy. Bacitracin is one of the popular antibiotics causing allergy.

Natural Remedies to Treat Skin Allergy:- :

  • One sure short is remedy is to keep washing the face with water and avoid touching the area. Also drink a lot of amount of water.
  • Olive oil is one of the natural ways to treat skin allergy: Single tablespoon of Olive oil combined with grinded basil leaves, 2or 3 garlic cloves with a pinch of salt and pepper is an excellent way to do away with the skin allergy.

Olive Oil

  • Vinegar and honey: Apple cider vinegar combined with honey can also reduce allergies. Mixing both in a glass of water and taking three times a day will prove beneficial.

Apple Cider Vinegar & Honey

  • Poppy seeds and lime juice: Single tablespoon of crushed poppy seeds mixed with a single teaspoon of lime juice can be applied on the rash. This brings lot of relief to the skin.

Poppy seeds & lime juice mixture

  • Oatmeal bath: Mixing one cup of raw oatmeal is also one of the best ways to treat allergy or rash.

oatmeal mixture

  • Chamomile tea:Washing the affected area with this can clear off the rash.

Chamomile tea

  • Mashed almond leaves: This is another natural ways to treat the allergy or rash and an effective one.

Mashed almond leaves

  • Detoxification: Vitamin C is the best way to detoxify liver and other parts of the body. This can be done though turmeric and dandelion.dandelion for skin
  • Natural skin care products: Sometimes when home based remedies don’t work, you can even switch on to products that are organic based and will have no side effects. One such product is Clear 60 ultra gel.

Clear 60 Ultra Gel

                                                                   Nature is the best remedy in itself..!!



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