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Natural Ways to Deal with Teenage Acne

Following are some natural and easy ways to keep your skin healthy and pimple free during the teenage.

Intake A Healthy Diet:

A healthy lifestyle and nutrition rich diet can cut off more than half of your skin problems. Don’t take foods with high glycemic index such as desserts, foods made from refined flour such as white bread, doughnuts and burger buns, and cereals as they increase the glucose levels in the body.

If you are confused about glycemic index, read here to know: list of the glycemic index and glycemic load for more than 100 common foods.

Bran, oats, barley, citrus fruits, leafy vegetables and a lot of fibre is a part of healthy diet.

Healthy Diet

Face Wash is Must:

You can either use a medicated face wash or make one at home. Since acne is marked by lot of oily secretions therefore it is must to keep the face dry and clean throughout the day. You should at least wash your face twice a day.


Don’t use excess of chemical based face wash for your face as sometimes it can even aggravate acne. There are many natural face wash products available in the market.

Anti-Acne Creams:

In extreme cases you can even switch to anti-acne creams for keeping the pimple and acne growth under control. There are many natural creams which can open up the clogged pores and even treat infections from further spreading.


If you are not sure of the cream, you should refer to the dermatologist before using them.

A Good Advice can be Reassuring:

It is also important to guide teenagers about the hormonal changes and their effects in the body. This can make them feel less conscious about the pimple and they will be able to handle it more effectively.

mother and daughter

Parents and teachers can have an honest discussion with teens and create space to answer their doubts.

Hygiene is Must:

Good food habits combined with hygiene can reduce chances of acne. It includes regular bath, washing face at least twice a day, removing make up before sleeping, cutting the nails, wearing clean clothes etc.

Hygiene is Must:

Most of the skin diseases are a result of handshakes.  So, keep your hands clean and wash them before and after meals.

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