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Recognize Easily – Which Skin Type Do You Have?

A good moisturizer or scrub is the food for your skin. And if you know what your skin loves then you can take care of it in a better manner.

How to know Which Skin you Have?

There is no rocket science in finding this. You just have to do a simple test for this. Take a tissue paper and wipe it off your face after you wake up in the morning.Observe the change in the tissue paper and then read the following to know what the tissue paper says about your skin.

Know your Skin Type

1. Is the Tissue Paper Too Oily?

If there are traces of oil on the tissue paper and you find lot of oil in T-region of your face, then it is the sign for an oily skin. People with an oily skin texture easily get pimples and acne.

Oily Skin

It’s true that people with an oily skin type have to wash their face at regular intervals but they have lesser chances of getting wrinkles at an earlier stage. The only precaution is that you should avoid moisturizing your skin.


2. Does the Tissue Paper Stick to Your Face?

If the answer is no, it is a clear indication of dry skin. Dry skin is generally tight and flaky when you wake up in the morning and even if you forget your moisturizer, it’s going to be even worse.

Dry Skin

A bad thing about dry skin is that it is prone to wrinkles, pores and even causes irritation. You need to hydrate the skin well using the moisturizer and lotions to keep intact.


3. Is the Tissue Paper Dry?

If the answer to this is a big yes then you have the best skin type. You don’t have to worry much about pimples, blackheads and even acne. And even you don’t have to deal with excess of oil on your face which appears too often.

Normal Skin

Such a skin is called normal skin and is one of the easiest skin types to handle and maintain.


4. Does the tissue paper sticks to nose and forehead areas?

This is a more common skin which people have than any other skin type. When you wipe off the face with the tissue then it will gather oil only from nose and forehead areas whereas the cheeks will remain completely dry.

Combination Skin Type

If you have these traits, then you have a combination skin type.

In the coming blog posts we shall talk about the natural remedies which can nourish your different skin type.

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