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Friends & clients at work have even been so blunt as to ask: “have you had work done on your face?”..  I replied.. “YES – twice a day… with my new skin care regime

Judy Gimenez


Red marks and sun damage have been minimized, my pores seem smaller and my skin feels much smoother than it ever has.

Jackie Fritz,

Winnipeg, Manitoba

I am 55 years old and since using the cream for last 8 months, my skin is so much healthier that I get asked for ID again.  I love using the product because I  am super sensitive to most products and I have had no allergy reactions. Great product = great results.

Kimalene Thomsen

B.C. Canada

I am 60 years old and started using Clear 60 less then a year ago.  My fine lines and wrinkles are minimized from a year ago and the dark circles under my eyes are diminishing. My skin looks shiny and healthy.  I get complements all the time on how great my skin looks. Thank you Wendy for introducing me to Clear 60!!!

Rose Roach

Mission, BC

Almost immediately, my dark circles under my eyes vanished and fine forehead lines started smoothing away. I was incredibly impressed with the results.

Loretta Caswell


I am a senior and I’ve tried lots of products… this one is really working for me…the dark circles under my eyes in particular are now fading

Marlene Steele

I’ve been using this product since it was first created. Actually improved the look and feel of my skin, discolorations disappeared and I look better now than before I started using it.

Carol Bignell

Maple Ridge, British Columbia