It’s very important for your health to use only organic skin care products in Canada. In fact, about 60% of products that we apply on our skin is absorbed by our bloodstream. Source:

Shocked!! But, it’s true.

Chemical skin care products are made up of different kinds of chemicals and synthetic ingredients, whereas the natural skin care products are made from natural ingredients like natural oils, plants, fruit extracts and fruit acids.
Below are 4 major benefits, rather, reasons that will make you understand that your skin needs ‘NATURAL’ and only natural…

Benefits of Natural Skin Care Products

organic skin care products canadaNatural and Safe

Studies reveal that ‘skin absorption occurs when topically applied chemical breaks the skin barrier to reach the bloodstream. Whether this chemical becomes a risk is determined by what occurs after absorption.’ Knowing the fact that the Chemical skin care products contain highly toxic and acidic ingredients, using them is foolishness. On the contrary, natural products are completely safe.

Long Lasting Effects with No Side Effects

A simple example can illustrate this better. People who opt for surgeries and treatments as anti aging solutions get very little in the long return. These solutions benefit them for the short term, leaving them with numerous side-effects like allergies, acne, etc., due to which they will suffer their entire life. Using natural products is more significant as they are safe, hardly cause any side-effects and have long lasting effects.

organic skin care products canadaInexpensive

Natural skin care products are comparatively inexpensive than Chemical products as they are made up of natural ingredients that are found naturally on Earth.

Do Not Harm the Environment

Natural skincare products are eco-friendly as they don’t pollute the environment during production and are not tested on animals.

In contrast to their chemical-based cousins, chemicals found in them are manufactured in chemical plants where poisonous fumes are released into the air,waste is disposed into nearby fresh water bodies and tested on animals to determine their effects.

So what have you decided? Are you still considering to use Chemical skin care products in the future? If you’re looking to switch and purchase some organic skin care products in Canada, click here to visit our shop.