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What’s Your Skin Tone?

Our skin tone is the color of our skin and it depends on the amount and type of melanin present in our skin. Also, the size and number of blood vessels that lies closest to the skin’s surface also helps in determining our skin tone.

Types of Skin Tones:

Light to Fair:

This is known to be the palest skin type, characterized by creamy, ivory skin with pink as the undertone. It tends to turn red and burn easily. But, the skin doesn’t tan easily.


The skin type of humans with fair skin tone can be milky or pale. The skin of such people does not tan well naturally. However, very light, fake tanning and bronzing products suits them well. They have yellow or pink undertones.

Skin Colour Types

Light Tan:

The skin type for this skin toned people is Olive-toned often of Mediterranean, Hispanic, Brazilian or Asian descent. The skin tone tans easily. The undertones can be Yellow or golden.


With the Skin Type of Coffee or caramel, the people with this tone have yellow or green undertones.

Dark Tan:

Dark tan toned people have light-brown skin tones that appear slightly richer in color. They have warm undertones.

Brown or Rich brown skin:

People with this type has darker brown or warm brown complexion. Their undertone is either red or golden.

Deep Brown or Bronze:

People with this type have the darkest skin tone. They have deep chocolate-brown skin that appears more neutral. Their undertone can be warm or blue-black.

How to Check What’s Yours?

This article will help you know your skin tone. Have a look!

Natural Light Speaks the Truth:

Wash your face and allow it to dry for 15 minutes. Do not apply any moisturizer or else rubbing the skin will bring redness to your face. Stand in natural light. Now, take a piece of white paper to your face and note your skin’s tone in contrast to the white. If it looks yellow or golden, then you have a warm skin color. If it looks pinkish, you have a cool tone.

Check Behind the Ears:

Take help from someone and ask them to pull your ear and check behind your ear in natural light. The skin behind the ear is yellowish or pinkish that can be easily determined. If you see a yellowish type, you have a warm skin tone and a cool tone if you see pinkish hue.

The Vein Test:

Check your veins inside your wrists and forearms. If your veins look purple or blue, it indicates that you have a cool toned skin. And if they are green, you have a warm skin tone.What is your Skin Tone

And What About your Bonding with Sun?

Your bonding with the Sun can also determine your skin tone. If your skin turns pinkish by burning on exposure to Sun, you have a cool –toned skin. And if your skin tans easily, you have a warm-toned skin.

Eyes do Speak:

People with green, blue or grey eyes are most likely to be cool-toned. And with those having brown, hazel or amber eyes often are warm-toned.

So, what’s your skin tone!!!!

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