Tired of hiding those dark spots on your face? Don’t want your skin to tolerate those chemical peels and laser treatments? Then it is very important to go natural. Whether you are having those stubborn acne, age-related spots, or insect bite scars, using ‘vitamin C’ is an effective option for removing most dark spots on your face. Here is how you can remove those:
All you need is ‘lemon’- a rich source of Vitamin C and follow any of the two procedures given here.

Lemon Juice Treatment:

• Take one lemon and roll it on your countertop for a few seconds. Rolling it with little pressure releases the juice from the membranes.
• Now, cut the lemon in half crosswise. Using a strainer or cheesecloth, squeeze the lemon juice into a cup or bowl.
• Using a clean cotton swab, start applying drops of lemon juice on the spots you wish to remove.
• Keep it for few minutes and let the lemon juice dry. Later, just wash your face with cold water.
• For best results repeat this treatment twice a day, once in morning and when you go to bed.


Lemon Juice Scrub:

• Cut down a fresh lemon in two pieces and remove the seeds very carefully.
• Take 1/2 tsp. of sugar in a small bowl and dip the cut edge of your lemon into the bowl.
• Now start rubbing the lemon with sugar on the darker areas. This will exfoliate the dead skin around the dark spots.
• Let the mixture dry for few minutes and then clean your face with cold water.
• It can be repeated weekly, till the spots become less visible.


CAUTION: Meanwhile, you try out these easy procedures just remember that lemon juice makes your skin sensitive to sunlight. Thus, keep a sunscreen with you and also, avoid exposure to sunlight.