These days more and more people are switching to organic skin care products, due to the many health benefits of these great products, and the fact that they do not contain harmful toxins that most of the usual skin care products contain. In this list we are going to explain why organic skin care products are better for your health, and why you should also make the switch.

1. Dangerous Ingredients

Next time you’re out shopping for skin car products, grab a bottle of a non-organic product and take a glance at the ingredients. There is a large chance that you don’t recognize most of them. Many of these non-organic products contain manufactured chemicals, mineral oils, and pesticide residue, and other studies have found that many of these ingredients are known to cause irritation of the skin, hormonal imbalance, and in some cases cancer. That is why it is essential that you look at the ingredients of any skin care product before you use it on your body.

organic skin care products

2. Organic skin care products are all natural

Now that you’ve read the ingredients of a non-organic product, hopefully you have put the product back on the shelf and moved on. Now let’s read the ingredients of an organic skin care product. Products that are certified as organic only use plant based ingredients, or other natural ingredients. All of the ingredients found in an organic product are free of manufactured chemicals, pesticides, GMO’s, and other chemicals and additives. Rest assured, you won’t have any harmful side effects and your skin will look even better.

3. Less risk of allergic reaction

Without the use of the harmful chemicals we mentioned above, you are much less likely to get an allergic reaction from your organic skin care products. The only time someone will experience an allergic reaction or breakout from an organic product, is if you’re allergic to natural products like peanuts or fruit.

organic skin care products4. Organic products are better for your skin

Many of the non-organic products you’ll find may be fast acting, may help to instantly smooth wrinkles, or remove sunspots, but they are terrible for your skin. Because of the chemicals used in these products, your body will struggle with the unnatural ingredients and your skin will not be able to absorb oxygen as well, which in some people can cause them to start aging early, or increase the risk of getting sunspots.

But if you use organic skin care products, your risk of developing these issues early on is much lower. Many ingredients in organic products (honey, aloe, shea butter,etc) are known to moisturize and noorish your skin for the long term.

5. Supporting products that do no test on animals

As we all know, the skin, hair, and overall beauty industry has been know for testing on animals to make sure the products are safe to use on humans. Organic products do not need to be tested on animals as we already know they are safe, due to being all natural. When you purchase these products over the animal tested products, you are helping the cause and not giving your money to companies that condone animal cruelty.

These are just a few of the many reasons why you should choose organic skin care products. For more information about our organic products, contact us today!