Great news for the tea lovers-Pick tea and stay beautiful!

Whether you sip it on a sick day or drink it every morning, tea has always enjoyed a great reputation and thus its popularity endures till today. Besides serving a heap of healthy benefits, different types of tea also help in getting a healthy skin.

So, if you’re looking for an easy way to maintain your skin’s health, try one of these tea types!


Dandelion tea is a herbal tea which is different from traditional black or green tea types because of its origin. Dandelion tea contains powerful antioxidants and immune enhancing properties that helps you keep your skin young and healthy!


Green Tea:

Green tea is known to be the most healthy tea type. It not only helps you lose your weight and maintain your cholesterol level, but it also offers you skin protection from free radicals and skin damage leaving a younger, smoother skin!

Rooibos Tea:

Rich in vitamin C and other minerals, Rooibos tea has all sorts of health benefits. It is largely grown in South Africa and has been known for its antioxidant properties. Rooibos tea helps you fight signs of aging and common skin concerns like eczema.

Peppermint Tea:

Do you love the cool and refreshing flavor of peppermint tea?? It deserves your love for more! It helps in relieving stress, which in turn improves the condition of oily skin and encourage new skin cell growth. So, if you have dry or dull skin, drink peppermint tea to get rid of dead skin cells and get glowing!

Chamomile Tea:

If dark circles around the eyes, acne and burns are your problem, then Chamomile Tea is your solution. Also, its anti-inflammatory benefit can help you treat various skin issues like eczema and skin inflammation.

Drink tea daily! It is a simple and delicious way to promote healthy skin each day!