Advancing age is something which everyone has to face in their lifetime, and while even the best anti wrinkle cream in Canada can absolutely help with this, there are things you can avoid to have healthier looking skin. There is nothing you can do to stop it from happening. Along with it, come several skin conditions such as wrinkles, dull skin and much more. Your skin starts losing moisture, gets thinner, and becomes loose. There are several factors that influence your skin problems including sun damage and lifestyle habits. While the first can be easily overcome using a good and effective sunscreen solution, but for the second you need to put in efforts from now on wards. Read about the habits you need to quit for healthy and glowing skin:

best anti wrinkle cream canadaQuit Smoking

Smoking not only affects your body, but also it causes premature aging of the skin. The reason being, smoking reduces blood supply and nourishment to your skin. Also, it reduces Vitamin C (a major source for skin plump) in your body. Hence, it causes your skin to lose its elasticity and moisture. So, whether you smoke or spend time with a smoker, remember it is damaging and aging your skin.

A Strict ‘NO’ to Alcohol

Consuming alcohol dilates small blood vessels in the skin, causing increase in blood flow near the skin’s surface. With excess drinking these blood vessels become permanently damaged, which results into broken vessels on the skin’s surface. Also, it diminishes collagen production, which leads to lose elasticity, dull appearance, and line formation.

best anti wrinkle cream canadaWrong Sleeping Habits

Ever increasing hectic schedules have reduced the sleeping duration of many. For those, who are not taking adequate sleep, you are moving towards growing sagging skin, dark circles, and bags under the eyes. Secondly, the way you sleep can also increase aging signs and wrinkles. Sleeping in the correct position is a must!

Excess-washing Your Face

Excess of everything is bad- this is surely true in context of washing your face. Over washing removes the natural barrier oils and moisture from the skin, which increases wrinkles. Also, it is advisable to use soap with moisturizers or you can switch to a cleanser instead.

Besides, the bad habits you can add some good ones too, such as drinking lots of water, being stress free, using a moisturizer and many others. But, firstly you need to say ‘no’ to the aforementioned practices!

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