Milk not only helps the skin to glow but it also acts as a natural treat to your skin which witnesses lot of pollution, extreme temperature and dust.

Milk contains lots of nutrients such as lactic acid, vitamins, magnesium and proteins much needed by the skin. It can provide moisture to your skin, helps in regenerating cells, repair tissues, improve skin elasticity and even act as an anti-aging dose for your skin.

1. Milk wih Cucumber: For Oily Skin:

For an acne prone and oily skin, this is probably the best home treatment. Cucumber can prevent the acne to grow and milk will provide smoothing to your skin.

Combine two teaspoon of milk with three teaspoon of grated cucumber and apply to your skin for about half an hour. Later on, wash with normal water for a brighter skin.

2. Milk with Almond: For Brighter Skin:

Almonds help the skin to get rid of dead cells and also enrich the skin with natural oils present in it.

Applying overnight soaked almonds mixed with two teaspoon of milk will exfoliate your skin. This can be applied twice a week for good results.

3. Milk with Eggs: For Wrinkle Free Skin:

Make a paste of egg white and two tablespoon of milk and apply it to your face for about five minutes.  After it gets dried wash the face with cold water.

This not only cleanses the dirt from the skin but reduces wrinkles from your skin. This is the best natural anti-aging treatment for your skin.

4. Milk with Saffron: For White Skin Tone:

Many fairness creams use saffron as the key constituent as it improves the complexion.

Add two strands of saffron in warm and allow it to get properly soaked into two tablespoon of  milk. Add a teaspoon of oats or rice flour and apply it to your face. Wash off the face with luke warm water after ten minutes.

5. Milk with Gram Flour: For Acne Prone Skin:

One tablespoon of milk combined with two or three teaspoon of gram flour can fight pimples, acne and blemishes and even make the skin free of tanning.

It acts as a wonderful scrub and also helps to shed off unwanted hair growth on your skin.

6. Milk with Fuller’s Earth: For Radiant Skin:

This is an easy way to make home based face pack for your skin. It keeps away the skin from impurities and also makes the skin look young.

Two tablespoon of fuller’s earth with 4 table spoon of fresh milk will remove all the dullness and dryness of your skin.

Nature is the best remedy in itself. Cheers to Happy healthy skin..!!