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Ionic Silver Oral Rinse


Mouthwash to remove bacteria



Try our Silver rinse to remove bacteria from not only your mouth, but your

entire body.   Through our Scientifically developed penetration system, our

product is absorbed through the Mucus Membrane, there is no need to swallow.

Can be used for the treatment of a host of ailments. Reported Uses are as follows:

During pregnancy for the health and growth of the baby and Mom’s recovery.

Stomach ulcers, Parasites (Ringworm), Viruses (Herpes, Shingles, Warts), Arthritis,

Gout, Gum Disease, Cancer, Lupus, Diabetes. All fungal based bacteria and infections.


We recommend you consult with your doctor prior to use if you are seeking help with

a major medical condition.  We are not giving medical advice, nor are we making any

promises, we just know the healing power of Silver!



Aqua, Colloidal Silver 22.6 PPM