Whether you are a man or woman, you crave for healthy and radiant skin. If you don’t have, you keep on experimenting with different cosmetics and treatments, without wondering the damage they can cause to your skin. Well, there are some solution, which ideally nurture your skin and act gently these summers. Therefore, if you are looking for some natural, safe and effective remedies, here is the answer to all your questions.

Treat Sunburn with Care

Being one of the major problems, which you face in summers, there is no end to it. However, there is a solution to cover the damage caused by harsh sun rays. You can count on ‘Aloe Vera‘ for this. Whether try out a natural lotion or a fresh Aloe leaf can also be used. It the only chemical-free remedy for minor sunburns. Just slit it open, pour the juice on the effective area and let it settle down. It will work magically!

But, if the sunburn is severe, go for coconut oil. The hydrating lipids of this oil heals and prevent swelling, irritation and itching.

Fight Pimples

Pimples are the biggest enemy of your skin. They are very irritating and often leaves a mark behind. For the coming summers, you can try out cinnamon powder with a little honey. It is better if you apply it directly and avoid water. The solution will promote the growth of microorganisms.

You can also opt for, lemon juice. Apply it directly or mix it with groundnut oil. This will be helpful in healing pimple and blackheads too.

Good-bye Tan and Dark Spots

The prolonged exposure to harmful sun rays make your skin turn dark in summers. Not to worry, tanning will be no more a problem. The best and easily available products in your kitchen like milk, lemon, yogurt, honey, etc. are ideal to fight back tan and dark spots.

While lemon juice and milk can be applied directly with help of cotton ball at night, on the other hand yogurt can be mixed with lemon juice. Another solution is to mix honey, lemon juice and olive oil. It will remove the outer dead cell layer within a short passage of time.

Thus, now the key to glowing and clear skin is there within your budget. With help of these solutions, you can easily maintain a healthy supple skin, isn’t that great!